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People and Teams

People are a charity's most valuable resource. Yet the work can be exhausting and confusing. My knowledgeable and understanding external support and facilitation brings helpful perspective and insight to individuals and teams.

"Pete has created a confidential, safe space to talk through ideas, share concerns, and offload. Our sessions have made me stop, reflect, take a step back, and provided an opportunity to talk openly and manage myself better. Pete is a great listener, provides constructive challenging and focus – he has helped me enormously through a time of great change.” - Karen Deverell, CEO, YMCA Mendip

  • Leadership coaching – I provide a regular, supportive, 1:1 opportunity to reflect upon your work, the challenges you face and personal development goals - exploring, implementing and evaluating solutions with an experienced, confidential and independent advisor.
  • Away day facilitation – whether it’s an annual strategy day, a team planning session or group problem-solving, I design and facilitate a bespoke session to meet your needs, focussed on specific outcomes and clear achievable action plans, using practical and participative methods.
  • Team Development – I am a certified TetraMap facilitator and deliver a creative and innovative workshop to help improve team function and develop individual understanding.
  • I can also help with troubleshooting founder transition issues, and performance coaching.

“Pete facilitated four workshops … with insight and clarity, enabling participants to get where they need to be” - Rachel Robinson, Chief Executive, The Care Forum

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