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Organisational Development, Partnerships and Strategy

All charities go through change and can benefit from  strategic  support to make the most of new opportunities. Much  can be gained from collaboration and independent help to broker this is often vital for success.

 “Pete proved to be a real asset in providing an objective and authoritative input…”  Keith Routledge, Trustee, West Somerset Advice Bureau

  • Organisational health check - this objective review of 10 key aspects of a charity is a vital foundation for a prosperous organisational future. The diagnostics are presented in a report and action plan that highlights the strengths and describes prioritised ways to address key challenges.
  • Partnerships, collaborations and mergers - many charities can benefit from working with others but building the trust and getting things right can be challenging. Through careful, independent brokering I help ensure the best results through alignment of values, goals, approaches, delivery channels and outcomes.
  • Needs analysis – establishing current needs and helping to scope delivery services, as well as identifying existing providers be they competitors or collaborators. Invaluable when planning a new project and for convincing funders.
  • Strategy – having a clear strategy is a vital tool - it helps to know where you're going but also how you're going to get there! I help lead the sometimes tricky process to achieve a shared and achievable strategy, and bring objective external guidance, support and, where necessary, (friendly) critical advice.
  • Business Planning - I work with you to design, structure and create a through, robust and compelling business plan.


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