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Strategy, Merger and Organisational Development

All charities go through change and can benefit from strategic support to make the most of new opportunities and circumstances. Much can be gained from collaboration and independent help to broker this is often vital for success.

 “I found Pete to be knowledgeable, experienced and very good at working with the charity on numerous levels. He had a very calming authoritative influence - which I found most helpful.” - Paula Blight, CEO, SWEDA

  • Strategy formation – having a clear strategy is a vital tool - it helps to know where you're going but also how you're going to get there! I help lead the sometimes tricky development process to achieve a shared and achievable strategy, and bring objective external guidance, support and, where necessary, (friendly) critical advice.
  • Mergers, partnerships, and collaborations - many charities can benefit from working with others but building the trust and getting things right can be challenging. Through careful, independent brokering I help ensure the best results through alignment of values, goals, approaches, delivery channels and outcomes.
  • Applied Scenario Planning - in an uncertain world the ability to assess, adjust and adapt is critical. Without losing sight of your mission, Applied Scenario Planning helps you to take control of the chaos, to be fleet of foot and to continue to deliver effective, clear and calm strategic leadership.
  • CIO conversion - historically many charities have been both a registered charity and limited company. I can project manage you through conversion to a Charitable Incorporate Organisation (CIO), (or initial set up), helping you to save legal and administrative costs and ensuring support tailored to your particular needs.
  • Business Planning - I work with you to design, structure and create a thorough, robust and compelling business plan.

“Langport Town Council had decided to convert the Town Trust to a CIO and contracted Pete to support the process, which he did very successfully. We found him to be very professional and at the same time approachable and quick to understand the complex issues.” - Val Saunders, Chair, Langport Town Council

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