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My working life and approach

With  over 20 years in the charity sector, I have wide experience of charity management. I have studied Voluntary Sector Management through the Open University MBA programme and draw on different perspectives to advise on the best way forwards. One of my greatest tools is an objective viewpoint – enabling me to see through to the real issues. Building on ad hoc consultancy assignments throughout my career and relishing the variety and opportunity to influence for good, I chose to make charity consultancy my core business in 2010.

Following my first degree in Psychology, I studied Post-Graduate Social Work (CQSW) and practised as a Probation Officer for 5 years. I went on to run a small capacity-building charity, Seed, for 7 years - providing support, training and consultancy to charities in the social care sector. During this time I completed a Diploma in Studies of Drug Misuse at Ruskin College, Oxford.

Following this I worked for 8 years as UK Operations Director in a small international environmental charity, A Rocha, helping to build many of the core operational structures including fundraising, marketing, volunteers and supporters.

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Based in Somerset, I work  across the south  of England, primarily in the Bath, Bristol, Taunton, Exeter corridor. I have been married to Jenny for 27 years and we have two teenage boys, plus two dogs, 5 ducks, 15 chickens, 3 geese and 2 pigs!

I believe that the people in a charity are its most valuable resource but they can become swamped and worn down by the demands of the work. From my objective position, I bring external critique; from my experience, I bring support, encouragement and guidance. I have an informal and approachable style that is person-focussed.

Nonetheless I know I don’t have all the answers - I have a small network of associates upon whom I can call for additional capacity or skills and I am very comfortable referring on to others who may be better placed to help.


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