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Based in Somerset, work locations include Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Exeter and across the South and West


Home-Start UK

Bec Lang photo

“Pete worked with me to provide an independent facilitator on a short project to support relationship building within a small group of Home-Starts. Pete listened to concerns and worries from the group and supported both online and in person time together to help build trust and provide constructive challenge when needed.  I also valued his skill at keeping the momentum going and parties focused on the end goal of the project. I would definitely recommend.”

Bec Lang

Director of Network Impact, Home-Start UK

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

Bill Sivewright photo

"It was some 10 years since the last full review of our Board Governance and during that period it has undergone significant organic change. We asked Pete to conduct a holistic evaluation to make sure that our governance remained coherent and effective. Gathering evidence through document review and personal interview and observing the Board in action, meant that his findings had real resonance.

His feedback was delivered with consideration and left everyone encouraged that they were performing well but also motivated to look for ways in which we can continue to improve."

Bill Sivewright

CEO, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Imogen Verret photo

“From the very start of his full review of our strategy and objectives, Pete was highly professional, tenacious and diligent. His depth of analysis and research ensured that the strategy review was conducted rigorously and professionally. Using his vast breadth of experience, Pete led the project in a timely manner and presented viable options to develop the charity.  He went above and beyond in his time, effort and dedication to the project, he was also an absolute delight to work with throughout.”

Imogen Verret

Trustee, British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Bath City Farm

Helen Fisher photo

"Working with Pete has been an extremely valuable process for our organisation. Pete gives clear and inciteful guidance and is extremely knowledgeable about the charitable sector and the different pressures we face.

He communicated extremely well throughout the whole of the process and we would highly recommend him a skilled facilitator for bringing different interest groups together to address a common goal."

Helen Fisher

CEO, Bath City Farm


Jean Smith photo

"Peter assisted the board of 6 people from various backgrounds with different levels of understanding in developing our strategy. Due to Covid our meetings were via Zoom, which was not ideal, but within a short space of time we completed this work in a timely fashion and now have a shared understanding, which will no doubt support our charity now and in the future.

Thank you Peter you have been a great help and brilliant communicator/teacher."

Jean Smith MBE

Director, Nilaari

Thomas More Project

Alice Peyke photo

“Pete supported us to identify our priorities in choosing a merger partner, led an options appraisal of potential partners and supported the selection process.  Pete continued to support and mentor me throughout the merger process, and provided consistent, calm support throughout despite the challenges we faced.  He delivered work on time and to a high standard, and flexed with us as needed.  Pete was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.” 

Alice Peyke

CEO, Thomas More Project

South Gloucestershire Council

Brian Glasson photo

“We engaged Pete to help us support a local community to consider options for the provision of new community facilities.  Not only did Pete provide much needed additional capacity and experience to help us take our project forward, he also quickly and adeptly developed positive working relationships between the various stakeholders.  His expertise and mix of skills in managing the project and his empathy for the objectives of the different groups helped us secure positive outcomes which might not otherwise have been possible.”

Brian Glasson

Head of Strategic Planning and Housing, South Gloucestershire Council

Langport Town Council

Val Saunders photo

“Langport Town Council had decided to convert the Town Trust to a CIO… and contracted Pete to support the process, which he did very successfully. We found him to be very professional and at the same time approachable and quick to understand the complex issues.”

Val Saunders

Chair, Langport Town Council

Confederation of Meningitis Organisations

Sam Nye photo

"Pete has been absolutely brilliant for our charity. We needed independent expertise to facilitate a merger with Meningitis Research Federation, which was always going to be a delicate process. Pete advised both us and the other charity involved carefully through the process, with advice based clearly on real expertise. Communication throughout the process was faultless and what was really exceptional was the care Pete showed concerning the outcomes for both charities, truly above and beyond. As a result of excellent facilitation, both charities have now merged and feel confident that we have approached the task with the appropriate due diligence. Thank you Pete!!"

Samantha Nye

Executive Director, Confederation of Meningitis Organisations


Paula Blight photo

“I found Pete to be knowledgeable, experienced and very good at working with the charity on numerous levels. He had a very calming authoritative influence on the charity - which I found most helpful.”

Paula Blight



Rod James photo

"Peter met us at a complex and challenging time for the charity. He provided steady, thoughtful professional advice and personal help to those involved. With his help we were able to work through the plethora of issues that we faced, succeed in working together and have a result we are all extremely pleased with."

Rod James

Chair of Trustees, Trelya

Lloyds Bank Foundation

Clare Rance photo

"It’s been great working with you [this last year] and you have provided timely and high quality support to charities bringing together your wealth of experience with patience, sensitivity, tenacity and challenge."

Clare Rance

Grant Manager SW, Lloyds Bank Foundation

People First Dorset

Laura Kerr photo

“It’s been a pleasure working with Pete, who has not only supported us to achieve our brief but gone over and above - way beyond what other consultants might have offered. Whether you are looking for support in terms of restructuring your organisation and managing the way forward, or just looking for someone to provide critical and valuable feedback in a particular area, Pete uses his vast experience and wisdom to draw out exactly what is relevant and needed.

It’s fun to work with Pete too. He’s incredibly professional, down to earth and a totally nice chap. He’s very easy to get along with, highly intelligent, knowledgeable and engaging.”

Laura Kerr

Manager, People First Dorset

SPARK Somerset

Karen Nolan photo

“We all enjoyed the day and really appreciated your facilitation. There was a real buzz in the room. A perfect balance between reflection and celebration! People have commented that it was a really unifying experience! Also, a very successful session with the trustees, which is great.”

Katherine Nolan

CEO, SPARK Somerset

People First Forum

People First Forum staff photo

“Pete was an amazing support through a difficult time of transition, bringing two charities together. Pete has excellent skills in negotiation, working with a range people.”

Amanda Parsons

Manager, People First Forum

YMCA Mendip

Karen Deverell photo

“The cut and thrust of being CEO of a medium sized local charity with the responsibility that brings means time spent looking after yourself can be compromised. Pete has created a confidential, safe space to talk through ideas, share concerns, and offload. Our sessions have made me stop, reflect, take a step back, and provided an opportunity to talk openly and manage myself better. Pete is a great listener, provides constructive challenging and focus – he has helped me enormously through a time of great change.”

Karen Deverell

CEO, YMCA Mendip

West Cornwall Women’s Aid

Cathy Lunt photo

"Pete helped in guiding us to expand our thinking and vision for the work of the charity to a more business based framework. Quite a challenge. Pete is very calm, considerate and inclusive, exactly what we needed to begin to tackle the challenges facing us. Our time with Pete has naturally created work for us to do but we have much more clarity about our future direction. A couple of the team said that Pete took some of the fear/anxiety out of business planning – well almost!! We wholeheartedly recommend Pete as a real support system to any charity, his grasp was brilliant and his manner wonderful."

Cathy Lunt

Manager, West Cornwall Women’s Aid

West Country Rivers Trust

Laurence Couldrick photo

"Pete helped us pick apart and understand some of the internal issues that were causing conflict and leading to frustrations within the organisation…in an open and honest way…this enabled us to explore and enact solutions to take us forward as a team. We are now in a far more robust position to take control of the opportunities around us and deliver the change we want to see in the world."

Laurence Couldrick

CEO, West Country Rivers Trust

The Horse Course

Harriet Laurie photo

"A really good balance between challenging my thinking, directive suggestions and reassurance that I was getting it right. Really helpful and actually rather fun too!"

Harriet Laurie

Chief Executive, The Horse Course

YMCA Exeter

Emma Osmundsen photo

"Pete Hawkins has consistently provided first class professional consultancy advice to YMCA Exeter. Pete is able to work alongside people to draw out vital information and formulate his findings so that they are well researched and considered. He presents his findings in an excellent manner that is easy to understand even when he is dealing with very complex issues."

Emma Osmundsen

Chair of Trustees, YMCA Exeter

Voluntary Action North Somerset

Cara MacMahon

“I was immensely impressed with Pete’s work, his diligence and his ability to deliver on extremely tight deadlines. If you are looking for a consultant that understands the not for profit sector and its challenges, who is able to quickly gain a sense of the work you require and who delivers excellent work on time; then I recommend you contract Hawkins Charity Consultancy”

Cara MacMahon

Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Action North Somerset

Age Concern North Dorset

Charlotte Dooley photo

“We had been going through substantial change at the charity which was putting pressure on staff and Trustees. [Pete Hawkins] came to our rescue and helped us regroup and reprioritise during a challenging time.”

Charlotte Dooley

Manager, Age Concern North Dorset

Lloyds Bank Foundation

Trevor Smale photo

"Whilst serving as the South West Manager for the Lloyds Bank Foundation I used Pete Hawkins several times as a consultant/adviser to charities who were accessing our Enhance support programme. In all these pieces of work his professionalism, commitment and communications were exemplary. Feedback from the charities supported in recent months about his support was extremely positive."

Trevor Smale

Lloyds Bank Foundation South West Regional Manager (former)

West Somerset Advice Bureau

Keith Routledge photo

“Pete was called in to work with the Trustee Board  to help me  pull together a Strategy and Business Plan for the West Somerset Advice Bureau quite an aggressive timeframe. Pete proved to be a real asset in providing an objective and authoritative input to the many discussions and different points of view that ensued and in adding real value to the  content of the  final document. Given the timeframe, Pete's support was critical in its success and in keeping me 'sane' as it evolved.”

Keith Routledge

Trustee, West Somerset Advice Bureau

The Care Forum

Rachel Robinson photo

“Pete facilitated four distinct workshops and did so with insight and clarity, enabling participants to get where they need to be in a timely manner. Unafraid to work with groups who may not see eye-to-eye at the start, he builds consensus and a clear pathway forwards. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Pete.”

Rachel Robinson

Chief Executive, The Care Forum

Quartet Community Foundation

Caroline Duckworth photo

“I contracted Pete for a tricky and delicate piece of partnership working involving many stakeholders, lots of different views and strong personalities. The whole project lasted 6 months and was shrouded in ambiguity. Pete steered us skilfully through to a successful outcome. He was always calm, extremely diligent and had excellent communication skills working out how best to deal with individual stakeholders. Part of the project also involved facilitating some workshops, working at times with over 100 people from different voluntary/community sector organisations. Pete has a very relaxed, friendly and assured style to which people responded very positively.”

Caroline Duckworth

Chief Executive, Quartet Community Foundation

North Devon Against Domestic Abuse

Sue Wallis photo

“One telephone call and I was in touch with Pete Hawkins who, like a knight in shining armour, rushed in to help. He assimilated a lot of information in a very short time, accompanied me to an emergency meeting and got me through negotiations that without his assistance frankly I could have walked out of in disappointment and was generally a fabulous support for me - sharpening up the bid and making sure all bases were covered. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Sue Wallis

Chief Executive Officer, North Devon Against Domestic Abuse

Resolution Interiors

Andy Lovell photo

"We identified Pete as someone who had the skill sets to come in,  understand the issues, define the strategy and then implement the findings.  A year on he has delivered on every level. Peter has done a fantastic job,  he's never ducked away from dealing with the issues, he's collaborated with  all relevant stakeholders and delivered the best solution we could have  asked for. Many thanks on an extraordinary achievement"

Andy Lovell

Managing Director, Resolution Interiors

Trinity Homeless Projects

Steve Hedley photo

“Pete has worked with Trinity for 15 years, most recently with our senior management team to get us into shape as a team.

If you are looking for someone just to agree with you or tell you what they think you want to hear…do not hire Pete Hawkins! If, on the other hand you are looking for the sort of clarity and unbiased assessment that leads to real positive change, then Pete’s who you are looking for….but be prepared for straight talking honesty.”

Steve Hedley

CEO, Trinity Homeless Projects

Send A Cow

Kirstine Dunhill photo

"Pete Hawkins is an excellent communicator, motivator and strategist.  A rare combination that means he not only gets under the skin of an organisation and understands what is needed to drive it forwards, but does so by engaging key stakeholders and encouraging them to take ownership of the change required. This is precisely what Pete did for me through two pieces of work at Send a Cow. I would highly recommend him.”

Kirstine Dunhill

Head of Communications, Send A Cow

From an organisational strengths review to brokering a partnership or merger; carrying out an independent evaluation or helping with a business plan. Please explore my website and get in touch if you would like to discuss how I can help.

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