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Values and Quality Assurance

Equal Opportunities Statement

Many people encounter prejudice and discrimination for unfair and unjust  reasons, such as physical disability, gender, ethnic origin, religious  belief and many more. I aim to speak and behave in ways that not only  comply with legislation but also give a genuinely equal service and afford everyone the same opportunity. I seek to encourage the valuing of our differences  and  to challenge appropriately prejudice and unfair treatment.

Quality Assurance

To ensure my clients receive the highest quality service I will:

  • Agree a written outline of work to be undertaken.
  • Clearly state daily/hourly or project rates and payment terms as part of the above outline.
  • Agree travel time, travel expense and subsistence costs as part of the work outline
  • Respond to written, email and phone communications within 48 hours of receipt
  • Seek constructive feedback at the end of a piece of work and to act upon any issues raised.


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