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Governance and Organisational Strengths Reviews, Impact and Evaluation

Charities are under increasing pressure to evidence their performance and to demonstrate value for money.

"If you are looking for the sort of clarity and unbiased assessment that leads to real positive change, then Pete’s who you are looking for” - Steve Hedley, CEO, Trinity Homeless Projects

  • Governance Reviews are recommended to be carried out by an independent, external expert at 3-yearly intervals. I use a range of tools to assess performance of this critical but often overlooked function, and make recommendations to improve it further.
  • Organisational Strengths Review (MOT) - whether as part of BIG Lottery funding, to establish a baseline for change or to improve performance, this objective review of 8 key functions of a charity is a vital foundation for a prosperous future. Think of it like an MOT for your organisation. The diagnostics are presented in a report that uses a straightforward traffic-light scoring with an action plan that highlights the strengths and describes prioritised ways to address key challenges.
  • Impact reviews - increasingly charities want to evidence their impact as well as describing their outputs. I carry out an independent review and can deliver the findings in an attractive, printed format which helps communicate with external stakeholders.
  • Management review – sometimes those involved in a charity day to day are too closely involved to see the real issues. As an objective outsider, with experience of how others have tackled similar issues, I assess the organisation’s management (or specific department), review the structure, performance and delivery, gather confidential feedback from key stakeholders - pinpointing any limiting issues and identifing improvements needed for the future.
  • Project and department evaluation - from stand-alone service-user surveys to troubleshooting underperforming staff teams, I carry out one-off, independent evaluations and advise regarding improvements.

"We asked Pete to conduct a holistic evaluation to make sure that our governance remained coherent and effective. His feedback was delivered with consideration and left everyone encouraged that they were performing well but also motivated to look for ways in which we can continue to improve." - Bill Sivewright, CEO, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance


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